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Managing JAVA

Installing default JRE/JDK This is the recommended and easiest option. This will install OpenJDK 6 on Ubuntu 12.04 and earlier and on 12.10+ it will install OpenJDK 7. Installing Java with apt-get is easy. First, update the package index: sudo apt-get update Then, check if Java is not already installed: java -version If it returns "The program java can be found in the following packages", Java hasn't been installed yet, so execute the following command: sudo apt-get install default-jre This will install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you instead need the Java Development Kit (JDK), which is usually needed to compile Java applications (for example Apache AntApache MavenEclipseand IntelliJ IDEA execute the following command: sudo apt-get install default-jdk That is everything that is needed to install Java. All other steps are optional and must only be executed when needed. Installing OpenJDK 7 (optional) To install OpenJDK 7, execute the following command: sud…

Crisil on Reducing IT jobs in india

November 10, 2014 1
November 10, 2014
Incremental IT services jobs will halve in four years
For future job aspirants, this will mean fewer opportunities and adding to skillsets
Changing business models of vendors will lead to cherry-picking and more lateral hirings
CRISIL believes incremental recruitment by the information technology (IT) services industry, which
accounted for nearly a quarter of the organised private sector employment in India in fiscal 2014, will
halve by fiscal 2018 despite a 13-15% growth forecast in the industry’s revenues during this period.
This contrasts with the hiring pattern of the last decade, which had mirrored revenue growth in the
industry. The paradigm shift will come as IT services vendors struggle to crank up profitability in a
milieu where global weakness is forcing their clients to optimise costs to hold on to margins. On their
part, vendors responded by rationalising their bench strength, improving utilisation rate and trimm…

Install Train and Test Moses Machine Translation Toolkit

Following are few easy steps with my experience with installing moses toolkit

I am doing it for ubuntu 64 bit (linux) system you can make an analogy for other installations.

1) Download the binary moses from here In my case I used this -

2) Install that with following command in the relevant directory
 sudo dpkg -i

This install moses and all other relevant tools like GIZA and Language Modeler (IRSTLM) in "/opt" directory. You can copy that to wherever you want or leave it as it is there.

3)  Now goto /moses folder in /opt and move all contents of /giza++-v1.0.7 to a new folder /tools in /moses. You can avoid this, but then need to make some changes in training script below, so don't avoid it for the sake of introduction.

4) Creating Language Model: Your environment is set up. Now create a lan…

जोडीने रुतलेल्या पायांचे

जोडीने रुतलेल्या पायांचे
ठसे अजूनही तसेच आहेत

कधीची भिजली नाहीये ही जमीन
तू गेल्यापासून
इथली रानं ही तशीच आहेत

तू ये आणि बिलग
म्हणजे पाऊस पडेल आणि माती ओली होईल
अंकुर फुटायला लागतील आणि छाती ओली होईल.

Am I going to be made redundant? - Keeping your job!

There are times when every business is going through a restructure. Some companies seem to do this every few years, some every year, and some seem to be undergoing one eternal restructure! Have you ever noticed that some people are restructure proof? Fear does not grip their body at the mention of that word. They never leave. They never get demoted. They are important to the company. This reminds me of a story. Please excuse me; we are a training company, so there is always a story. A big corporation hired several cannibals. "You are all part of our team now," said the HR manager during the welcome briefing. "You get all the usual benefits and you can go to the cafeteria for something to eat, but please don't eat any of the other employees." The cannibals promised they would not. A few weeks later, the cannibals' boss remarked, "You're all working very hard, and I'm satisfied with you. However, one of our secretaries has disappeared. Do any of…

Hindi/Marathi - Devanagari characters and their uses frequencies

Character -Use Frequency-% Use frequency ा2566756.4440754424 र2008195.0417562531 क1966834.9379179517  े1786974.4863619337  ्1451683.6445837882 स1250643.1398533209 ह1242613.1196932251  ी1223633.0720420897 न1148752.884048569 त1128602.8334600348  ि1112722.7935917508  ं1094022.7466435826 म1015552.5496370179  ो874862.1964210934 ल825632.0728243918 प766211.9236447043 य694201.7428565977 द585011.4687244861  ै579061.4537864325 व577491.4498447949 ज518671.3021714658 ।469471.178650082 ग467391.1734280398 ब443711.1139770973  ु389820.9786810126 ट314870.7905117501 च294460.7392704606 श282890.7102228507  ू238570.5989531814 ए237640.596618326 भ230330.5782658602 अ215820.5418370944 थ210630.5288070947 आ181100.4546691585 इ173470.4355133016 ख169110.4245670977  ँ165000.4142485431 ध156760.3935612219 ड141010.354

तुला चंद्र फार आवडायचा ….

तुला चंद्र फार आवडायचा
नभात एकटाच बसलेला
मला चंद्र फार आवडायचा गालातल्या गालात हसलेला   ---
तू बाहेर पहायचीस  पडणारा पाऊस 
माझ मन त्याला सांगायच  पड अजून थोडा आत्ताच नको जाऊस ---
मी फक्त  चहा घ्यायचो  तू आईसक्रीम खायचीस 
खरं सांगू आज तुला बिलाची तेंव्हा अगदीच पंचाईत व्हयाची ---
मी गुलाबाची फुलं अनायचो  तू डब्ब्या मधे पोहे

सारून गेली वर्षे तरीही
'चव'  लक्षात आहे

कविता तर मी लहानपणापासूनच करायचो
त्यांना लय  मात्र आली तू आल्यावरच.

पारिजातकाचा सडा आजकाल रोज दारात पडतो
वेचून घ्यायला नाहीस तू
म्हणून बिचारा रडतो

तू हसायचीस तेंव्हा ही
तू  रुसायचीस तेंव्हा ही
मिठी हाच उपाय असायचा

नेमका त्याच क्षणी जाऊन
ओठ ओठांवरती बसायचा

                           - प्र. बा.