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Writing in Hindi/Marathi, Indianising information and softwares

It's the decade of localization and software is never an exception to it. In this Flat world, information-flow is independent of geography; and the next flattening phenomenon is information-flow independent of languages. I correct myself, it's not 'next', it has been happening here around me and you since last some years. See the regional language content on web and see the user base of Internet spreading to common masses. With this spread has come many opportunities and challenges for the computer industry; the challenge of communication gap is the major factor which will decide how efficiently we grabt hose opportunities and convert them to win-win situation for ourselves and our customers. Research labs around the globe are working towards solving all these challenges. India is not behind in it. organizations like CDAC, IITs,IIITs and like are working on language technology since last decade itself. Now there are many private players into this and most of them are s…