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James Gosling joins Google

James Gosling has Joined Google! Let's see what Oracle responds!
James has blogged about it here

Double digit million dollars for just born startup, what does it mean?

Million dollars for a just born startup like means a lot. The discussion about - why the fcuk they funded this much? what the hell is happening? Have the people at Sequoia gone mad? and some interesting likewhy the fcuk domain name is so expensive? and all such intense responses to Color's $41 million funding by Sequoia Capital and other VC firms/banks are entertaining the readers on Twitter and TechCrunch.

But behind everyone's sentiments there are some big concerns. Everyone other than Sequoia and Color is afraid of this much of money going into this tiny little startup. Some are afraid of losing their good talent, because with this much of money in bank Color can hire some of the best brains in the industry at such a early stage only. Some are afraid of an incoming trend of putting big money into the first phase only. Though it's individuals choice, you can't ignore the trend. Those who are afraid of these things, caution everyone else …

Turing - A Novel about computation

Found about this novel-Turing, on Turing. It's a novel about computing and gives many insights to how the things happened in the Computing. The novel is written by Christos H. Papadimitriou. He is also speaking at 20th international WWW conference, Hyderabad
About this novel :
Our hero is Turing, an interactive tutoring program and namesake (or virtual emanation?) of Alan Turing, World War II code breaker and father of computer science. In this unusual novel, Turing's idiosyncratic version of intellectual history from a computational point of view unfolds in tandem with the story of a love affair involving Ethel, a successful computer executive, Alexandros, a melancholy archaeologist, and Ian, a charismatic hacker. After Ethel (who shares her first name with Alan Turing's mother) abandons Alexandros following a sundrenched idyll on Corfu, Turing appears on Alexandros's computer screen to unfurl a tutorial on the history of ideas. He begins with the philosophe…