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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on Democracy and Constitution

Just wanted to raise a concern do we need to revisit something? Our democratic process? Governance? Ways in which our system works ? If we think the current system has no way to involve people in the best possible way. Why not try to have a system/ways Where People are heard, Even those who don't have a voice!  And if the ways already exist (and are efficient still in fast changing Indian society and world), what are those?  These are just concerns, which I have in mind looking at the chaos (or really a revolution? I am not able to figure out.) outside. 
I have utter respect for constitution and parliamentary democracy, and personally I think if something 'important', important in the sense that that will decide future of the nation has to be, has to be appreciated by the parliament and obviously by the people of nation also! 
Do we have system to practice/track that?  If yes, is it efficient? If not, why not invest our some time in making that and making that efficient.  I mig…

Using Whiteboard in Open Meeting

Just wanted to share this white board functions. A really nice free and open source  open meeting tool :

They can't go on looting my nation

I was some days before not so positive about Jan Lokpal movement. Because personally I didn't like the way things were happening and democracy was made to act. I didn't like the candle lightening just for craze (and not vote at all!) and someone asking govt. to do what he says. Also I didn't like media and people looking at this issue as the only issue of national interest and everything else is good and okay. I didn't like the media staying calm on other issues like farmers suicides, poverty and many others and just en-cashing this TRP-full drama. But I now have understood why they needed to do it this way. I still don't like some of the above stated issues, but yes I would love to see A STRONG lokpal/Janlokpal bill coming into existence to eradicate the corruption and also to show every political party that they can't go on looting my nation and we still exist.
Also I would like to request my friends who are concerned about change in Constitution…

Amazon Kindle App on Desktop/Computer (Ubuntu, Windows, Apple)

Update: A good news at the Bottom

There are many free of cost version of  books on Amazon provided as Kindle Edition like this one. But those who don't have Amazon kindle device were not able to read those free books or sample chapters. But now it's possible with  an application called Kindle App that Amazon provides for installation on the personal computers and mobile devices.

But the OS that are supported by this app are not open source. To install it on Ubuntu you need WINE. Steps to install wine and Kindle app on Ubuntu are well described here:

Download Kindle App for your personal computer from here .

Just got to know about this: Kindle Cloudreader with which you can read those books online by using Chrome and Safari browse. So now the OS won't matter any more and you are free to enjoy amazon anywhere you go!

Gmail Storage and Happy friendship day

Gmail provides us 7+ GB space for the messages. When I first found out that my Gmail free space quota was being exceeded, I went for some Gsearch and found that the Google storage for a user gets shared across Gmail, Picasa and Docs and I thought this Gstorage is nothing but the same 7+ GB space and deleted some pics from my Picasa which were part of my blog on blogspot (pics uploded to blog gets stored in picasa). But I was wrong. Google provides 7 GB only for the messages and attachments. And then the additional space for other services.

In Google's words:

Free storage space is specific to each product. Free storage from one product cannot be used by or transferred to another product.
Gmail provides 7+ GB (and counting) for Gmail messages.Docs provides 1 GB for your uploaded files (documents created in Google Docs and converted files don't count towards your storage, but do have some size limitations).Picasa Web provides 1 GB for photos and videos. Files under certain size…

They said let's increment your salaries 10 fold

They told us it's gonna change the India. We believed in them. They said let's urbanize everything. We thought they are talking about infrastructure. They said let's increment your salaries 10 fold. We thought it's gonna make us very rich. Later they said you will need to leave your homes and come to cities as we can't urbanize so fast being busy with current cities. We believed them and moved in here. Seeing us move our neighbors moved. Seeing everyone moving, our laborers moved. And a lot of people moved in here to cities. What they found out - heavy-cost-of-living not affordable with the increased 10 fold salaries. Nothing more than tiny little spaces to hide. Overloaded transport systems. Rising costs caused because of our own salaries and the derived reasons. No infrastructure which they promised and were busy with. We found ourselves fighting for daily living and poorer than before. We thought of going back but found we have disturbed the equilibrium. And no…