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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Latur walyano kay he......?

Tumchyach jilhyat shiklyale lok ...tumchach mukhyamantri hehi tumchech...Bagha sapdte ka uttar yala...!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


A brief reflection on my two days in Latur
by Eric Linge
I am an active volunteer with CRY America, and basically what we do in CRY America is fundraise for projects in India. I was working for a private company in Mumbai over the summer, and while in Mumbai I took the opportunity to visit one of CRY’s projects in the interiors of Maharashtra. Specifically I visited a collection of villages around the town of Latur.What struck me most is everything I didn’t see. The villages around Latur were not desperate. They even seemed comfortable. But the organization that now partners with CRY has been working in the area for 24 years to get to this point. Oxfam is aiding the organization too. While the landowning classes were formerly able to extract slave labor from the Dalits, now the Dalits are collectively farming their own land. The Dalits still farm others’ land too, but now, knowing that they have their own land, the Dalits have the leverage and the confidence to command higher wages. Dalit children are going to school with non-Dalit children. But it took 24 years to get to this point, and the villages are hardly wealthy. Comfortable though they may be, the villages just recently arrived to the point where Dalits are receiving at least some of their basic human rights.Yet, I think of how big India is and how many parts of India do not have organizations like the one in Latur. Could it be that most of India is as desperate as the villages around Latur were 24 years ago? It is clear that CRY and CRY’s partner organization have been successful in the villages around Latur, but seeing how long and how difficult it was to get to this level makes me think how much more work remains to be done. India is a huge country, and groups like CRY have thousands and thousands of miles to travel before all Indians – especially rural Indians – are ensured even their basic human rights.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Marathi Paul Padti pudhe......!/ Marathi Paul Rocking...!

Vikram Panditanche Citigroupche CEO zalya baddal hardik abhinandan.......!
Marathi mansa aasach pudhe chalat raha......! Rock it..!

As expected, Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) today named Vikram Pandit as its new CEO, replacing the hugely unpopular Charles Prince. Acting CEO Win Bischoff replaced former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin as chairman. Rubin didn't want the job permanently.As pundits including CNBC's Charles Gasparino pointed out, Citigroup's board didn't feel that Pandit had enough experience to get both jobs. That's no slight against Pandit, who joined New York-based Citigroup after selling the company his hedge fund for $900 million. Few if any people are experienced in the huge variety of business at Citigroup which is why Pandit says "simplifying the company's organizational structure and aligning our businesses and resources with appropriate goals and economic realities will be among our initial priorities."So what does that mean?Will Citigroup exit its retail business and focus on corporate banking? Are more job cuts coming down the pike? Investors are demanding quick answers to these and many other questions.``They need somebody who can get in there and put some color on exactly where the risks are and what they're doing to address that,'' Johnson Asset Management analyst William Fitzpatrick, told Bloomberg News. ``The stock's been in freefall for the last couple of months.''Shares of Citigroup, which are down 40% this year, fell further today with other financial stocks amid disappointment over the Fed's rate cut announcement

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Sharad Pawar Aani Gopinath Mundhe sahebana amchya Janmadivsachya Hardik Shubheccha....Ani Maharashtrachya pragati sathi urleleya aaushyat yanchyakadun "kahi tari" hoo hich aau jagdambe charni prarthana......Tasa pawar sahebanwar amacha rosh nahi..pan....aahe tyapeksha paristhiti khup changli asli shakti....Hech tyana amche b'day gift...Baki hcnglyakamasathi Sara Mahrashtra tumchya pathishi aahe..!
Jai Maharashtra!


Sharad Pawar Aani Gopinath Mumdhe sahebana amchya Janmadivsachya Hardik Shubheccha....
Ani Maharashtrachya pragati sathi urleleya aaushyat yanchyakadun "kahi tari" hoo hich aau jagdambe charni prarthana......
Tasa pawar sahebanwar amacha rosh nahi..pan....aahe tyapeksha paristhiti khup changli asli shakti....Hech tyana amche b'day gift...Baki hcnglyakamasathi Sara Mahrashtra tumchya pathishi aahe..!
Jai Maharashtra!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why India is great ......

a very good video on the different aspects/contributions of this nation
Watch at:
Only Feel sad for the last some statistics.......but may hope of all children returning home..
Jai Hind!

A guy from Village to An IAS!

New Delhi, May 14 (IANS) Mutyalaraju Revu, an Other Backward Class (OBC) candidate from a small village, has topped the highly competitive civil services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) at a time when the country debates the issue of reservation for OBCs in higher education.
Revu, 27-year-old son of a farmer in small village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, has surpassed 473 successful candidates including 214 general category qualifiers to top the merit list.
His uncle Venkanna was all praise for Revu, who is currently serving in the Andhra Pradesh Police. Revu, who has always been a brilliant student, has done his Masters in Electronics from the premier Indian Institute of Sciences (IISC), Bangalore.
"I am really thrilled after hearing about Revu topping the examination. I had a word with him and he is equally thrilled as well. It's a great news for all our family members," Venkanna told IANS from west Godavari district on telephone.
Nagaraj, a friend of Revu, said both of them were celebrating the success. "I am proud of my friend," he said, though repeated attempts to reach the topper failed.
The topper who had studied with in Delhi's Sriram's IAS coaching centre had written in his form at the centre that he wanted to improve the condition of Indian villages.
"I am from a coastal village, which lacks basic facilities like transport, education and health services. There are some more villages in our country like our village. I wanted to be a part in developing these villages as an IAS officer," he had said in his coaching admission form.
There were some 200,000 applicants who appeared for the examination and only 474 finally qualified - a selection rate of a mere 0.237 percent. Of the selected candidates 373 are males and 101 females.
The list of the successful candidates includes 214 general category aspirants, 144 from OBC, 80 scheduled castes candidates and 36 from the scheduled tribes.
A total of 18 physically challenged candidates qualified the October-November 2006 Main examination and the April-May 2007 personality test, and they include 13 general category candidates, three OBCs and two scheduled caste members.
The successful candidates generally get appointment in the four categories of services - the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Central Services Group A and B.
"Appointment to the various Services will be made according to the number of vacancies available," the UPSC said in a statement.
The number of vacancies reported by the government is 89 for the IAS, 20 for the IFS, 103 for the IPS and 294 and 27 respectively for Group A and Group B of central services.
Apart from Revu, others who made it to the top 10 of the merit list are: Amit Saini, Alok Tiwari, Prasanth N., Shashank Misra, Vyasan R., Anish Rajan, Anindita Mitra, Aravind Agrawal and Juhi Mukherjee.

interview tips on TEll some thing abt u...


Its a good interview video specialy about the tell abt ur self...
but need to neglect the hand movements and her leg movements..
Dont forget to visit again here and ♫ .

Friday, November 16, 2007



Vithala Mandirat non marathi people..Nice to listen!


NExt Generation...HEY GOD....!

It was incident before this diwali. I was going to Manvat for Diwali on this 2/11 by Nandigram. I had no confirm ticket but the RAC which I shared with two girls from
"J J college of Architecture Mumbai"(First time lucky in this case). Both were good
or can be given " B+ grade".But story about the next generation is something different which brings referances from these girls.
As it was Diwali vaccations no seats were available. And some 10 to 15 students along with their teacher who used to teach them Chess were going for the State level Chess tournament at Aurangabad. Mostly the students were boys (after some days I heard that daughter of Kumarmangalam Birla won that tournament although the boys were in majority)!
OK.We will proceed with the story. The guys were really intelligent and naughty.They didn't
let any one in that coach sleep. They were making noise. But their teacher came and started scolding guys.Students didn't listen him.And then teacher started the differnet games like tell the words with same pronunciation but different spelling.I along with those girls were also palying with them but couldn't managed much in front of the guys.They all were less than 12 years. But really intelligent. Then the Games turned to mahematics, geography,english language,sometimes even history then science, I was really impressed wit their enthusiasm & knowledge about diverse fields.
And then there I thought India has very bright future, growing with these children who will be the pillars of this "Nation Of A BillionsPlus Human Resource". I will never call this Human Resource as Population(Because I know how to utilise it. Given An opportunity I will show it!).
Okey the real story is here...take it eassy...One girl from the two was really fare and b'ful one.
As she was first year student, I guess she was 17/18 years old. One CHILD may be of 8 years(!)
started communicating with that girl and I was observing what he talks to her.
He said her to say just "ZAD KE PICHE". Then their game started. The child will say (in Hindi) EK
Child:EK KISS(21 in Hindi)
girl:ZAD KE PICHEE............(AWAAAAA...the other girl said...!)
.............................And the girl who was saying "Zad ke piche" was stunned ! For a minut she was completely imbalanced...!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Very good site for the Marathi Songs:

Enjoy This Diwali ....
May this time God will enlighten the lives of millions of deprived on this earth...
MAy the naked children will get something to wear...
may they will be full stoumach for these days......
May god give smile to all those crying all the day....
May god give us power to do this.....!
Jai Maharashtra!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MAharashtra ani Marathi sathi....

Maharahtracha may bap chatrapati shivajila vandan karun tyanchaya wishiyache he chitrafit yethe takto...tumhala nakich avdel:

Ani hi link hi paha POWADA:


Listen JAI JAI Avdut Gupte

SOme thing on Machine translation..

My be I am going alittle technical here but never forget I am not one to deal much wid these things ... those interested you can get alot related to machine translation at the below link:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quote of the day..

To the question of your life, you are the only Answer.
To the problems of your life, you are the only Solution.
........So never Ask for Help...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Vote your favorite candidate at lead india.

Vote your favorite candidate on lead india