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Install Train and Test Moses Machine Translation Toolkit

Following are few easy steps with my experience with installing moses toolkit

I am doing it for ubuntu 64 bit (linux) system you can make an analogy for other installations.

1) Download the binary moses from here In my case I used this -

2) Install that with following command in the relevant directory
 sudo dpkg -i

This install moses and all other relevant tools like GIZA and Language Modeler (IRSTLM) in "/opt" directory. You can copy that to wherever you want or leave it as it is there.

3)  Now goto /moses folder in /opt and move all contents of /giza++-v1.0.7 to a new folder /tools in /moses. You can avoid this, but then need to make some changes in training script below, so don't avoid it for the sake of introduction.

4) Creating Language Model: Your environment is set up. Now create a lan…