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Shyam Bhau on Shiv jayanti ....!

महाराष्ट्रातल्या कोणत्या मास्सणवटेत जरी गेला आणि " छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज की ... " आशी एक जोरदार आरोळी ठोकली तर तिथे पुरलेले मुडदे देखील " जय !!" म्हणून साद देतील , इतके प्रचंड उपकार शिवाजी महाराजानी मराठी माणसावर , या महाराष्ट्रावर केलेत. जिवंत माणसे तर सोडा पण दगड माती यात देखील शिवरायणी जीव घातला होता , म्हणून तर मुकी जनावर देखील तेव्हा " माझा महाराष्ट्र " आस स्वभमानाने मनात होती. पण आज त्याच महाराष्ट्राच काय झाल आहे ?

भाषेचा , राज्याचा आपल्या इतिहासाचा देखील आभिमान आज कोणात दिसत नाही. आम्ही " शांति - सर्वा धर्म समभाव " आड लपत आपले कर्तव्य टाळत आहेत. शांति - सर्वाधर्म समभाव याच्या नवा खाली आपला आभिमान विसरने , आपल्या संस्कृती वर होणारा परकीय घात पाहत थंड राहणे म्हणजे भ्याड पनच आहे. !!. हे आस चालू आहे म्हणूनच आजपावतो परमवीर, धर्मवीर संभाजी देखील वाईट रंगवला गेला आणि आम्ही मात्र शांत राहिलो. वयाच्या 16 वर्षी शंभू ने "बुधभूषण" सारखा राजकारण, युध नीती यावर संस्कृत ग्रंथ लिहाला हे कोणाला माहीत होते ? आज शंभू राजे आडकले , उद्या को…

one laptop per child

India has unveiled plans to produce a laptop computer costing just $US10 ($15) to help improve the skills of millions of students across the country.
The laptops will be mass-produced as part of a government-sponsored education scheme launched on Tuesday in the southern city of Tirupati.
Details about the computer remained scarce, but Higher Education Secretary R.P. Agrawal said last week that it would be available within six months."Once the testing is over, the computers will be made available on commercial basis," he told the Press Trust of India news agency."Its cost will be $US10. If the parents want to gift something to their kids, they can easily purchase this item."The laptop will reportedly have a two gigabyte memory and wireless internet capability, but officials have not publicly demonstrated a prototype - or yet explained how it can be produced at such a low cost.The government has earmarked more than 46 billion rupees ($A1.4 billion) to develop the low-p…

Information Technology Business Today and Tomorrow / Towards Domestic market

Information Technology has played a strong role in shaping the growth of the Indian industry in last decade. But the current market scenario has taken the air out of many of our big business houses. Recently I attended INDIA IT 2020 Conference where I found many interesting things which can be shared here. The conference was attended by many big leaders of the IT industry some of them were- CFO TCS, CEO Mastek, people from BPCL, Microsoft and many other IT companies were present. The conference had many parallel threads on Technology, Business, Infrastructure & Today in these fields. These were followed by the panel discussions on topics relating to current (IT) market scenario and solutions to problems in it.
The technology session on the Natural Language Processing was very fruitful. It was chaired by Dr. Pushpak from IIT B. The special thing about this event was presence of grand father of Indian IT industry Dr. F C Kohli. His vision for the IT in India in 2020 was…