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Workshop on Rule Based Expert Systems @ CDAC

2 Day Workshop on Rule Based Expert Systems

17–18 October, 2008, CDAC,Navi Mumbai
Expert Systems

Expert systems are computer software that try to emulate human problem solving in highly specialised narrow domains such as financial investment planning, specialised medical diagnosis, equipment trouble shooting, etc. One of the few successful off shoots of Artificial Intelligence, the field received a lot of attention during the 80's. After a relatively dormant phase, expert systems are now attaining popularity as more and more applications are moving on to become intelligent systems, significantly enhancing their potential. The massive growth in hardware performance and capacity and evolution of software paradigms such as software as service is contributing to this revival.

Expert systems have demonstrated their ability to perform at levels comparable to human experts in a wide range of domains. Developing an expert system consist of acquiring the specialised domain knowledge from huma…