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Deep Learning in Nutshell for those who know ANN

This is for those people who already know the artificial neural network. And concepts simplified for understanding. Not at all for the experts! Any network with layers more than 3, including i/p and o/p layer is a deep networkThe large number of layers enables it to learn more complex featuresThese networks are good at finding the patterns in unlabeled data so good at clustering and labeling the unlabeled data

Option form for polytechnic admissions

Following is option form for colleges in Maharashtra for year 2015 admissions. hope it will help somebody else. colleges have been sorted with utmost care.
I have looked at following factor
- economic course as students were from economically weaker sections
- were open category
- wanted less fees - so went for tfws followed by EBC but prefered tfws as ebc is not very sure help many times. total fees is 8000 and with ebc or tfws it will be 2000 only
- hostel was most important factor as government college hostels have nominal fees  around 2000 for a year
 - good cities where they may have future scope
- also near from the parents i.e. parbhani district - considered available modes of transport

16013Government Polytechnic, PunePuneElectronics and Telecommunication Engg601337211T26013Government Polytechnic, PunePuneElectronics and Telecommunication Engg60133721036013Government Polytechnic, PunePuneElectronics and Telecommunication Engg60133720046013Government Polytechnic, PunePuneComput…