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His Is The Team India Needs!

His Is The Team India Needs!These are the days of election fever and every politician is suffering from it. Many have started showing the symptoms of the high fever, you might have observed some ads flooding the web saying “XYZ for PM”. And I feel sad for it, because this thing once again proves that we Indians always try to blindly copy things from west or make something which is somehow an Indian version of an American thing. I strongly think that Indian people feel proud in “Importing Ideals”! Same disease has attacked our leader who is just dying to be PM [sorry to say this but it’s what seems!].Many politicians in India got impressed with campaign of the Obama for the presidential elections in America. I don’t know are these some politicians are impressed with what he does and what he speaks. I think this leader of ours don’t know India is not a presidential democracy and India doesn’t need only a good PM but a complete perfect team of visionary leaders under a visionary-strong P…