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Recruiting freshers

Below is a nice article from HBR for the recruiters. Students i.e. another side of the table can also get some tips from this. ---- It's that time of year again, and many a manager's inbox has become flooded with the résumés of (very) soon-to-becollege graduates. And while we most hiring managers are well-versed in best practices for recruiting Millennials, it's amazing to us — as somewhat recent graduates ourselves — how many firms still make the same mistakes when hiring "the best" of Gen Y. Take this example from our experience of one old-schoolhiring process, in which an IT firm disheartened several qualified candidates with an overly formal and invasive first-round interview. After a three-hour initial meeting, the firm had mentally drained the young candidates with surprise skill assessment tests and a last-minute decision to have them re-screened by multiple executives. To make matters worse, the candidates were confined to just a couple of rooms — and the co…