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Experience - what does it offer

We have heard lot many times that the new generations have many things far better than older. That's good. That's evolution. What was a specialist job a decade before, must become a beginner level job now. That's how things have been happening. But there is something that experience of the world and things has to offer in addition to the required skills. And most of the experienced do posses those required skills! 
What is additional that experience provides is knowledge of 'What Does NOT Work'. This thing is far more important than knowing 'What Does Work'.
Many of the leaders undermine this, and choose shallow people with what 'may' work attitude over the ones who keep cautioning against the things that do not work. That is a mistake!   

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Issue with the world

IbnEverything around us has issues. Sometimes they are challenges worth dealing and sometimes they consume hell lot of time not worth the value of resolution. But it's very difficult to classify an issue into one of these two categories - worth the time and not worth the time.
But, I have found an easier metric to do that. There are many people around us. There some among those who consider living life without principles as sin, working off the rules as punishable offence and prioritise design over the working system. Markdown such people. They will help you categories issues. Any issue, these people consider as of utmost importance and you are confused about it, just neglect such issue for time being. You can come back to it later!!

If you have Diabetes and want to cure it - Resources to know how

Diabetes can be reversed. That's fact. Many doctors mention it and many don't. Can it really be and how? Here are resources for you to decide. Jut my personal compilation. Don't neglect your medical doctors, but do get your concepts cleared also.

And I believe diabetes mass education is very necessary as the diabetes has become a 'mass disease'. The knowledge of diabetes management need to a household thing. Some of the facts mentioned are not by the professional doctors, but not much oppose has been done to ideas presented than to the degrees of these professionals.

Anyways, you are free to decide.

How do you do it

When it comes to business or any task for that matter, the sucess is nothing but hacking people. If you hack the right people and with right means, you are going to get what is right and the best of all rights.
Just remember, never lie, never do injustice, never ever misuse anybody and dont do anything wrong. But never forget to do the right thing. Appreciate the right people. Don't lie, tell them that they are good and you appreciate their being so. Help all those with passion and dreams. Show them the right path, obviously, only if you know it. Or tell them what you think of it honestly.
That's all. You will have an army people helping you in return. And that too people who are the best. Who won and benefitted from what you did to them and said to them. That's what a sucessful human has, good people around him. Not for selfish motives, but with aim to give it back to you. Remember, you gave them the best, they will too. So just keep doing the good.

Simple Tensorflow example on iris dataset

This one trains the DNN on iris and also create confusion matrix. Comments will help you know what is happening.



from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
import tensorflow as tf
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split

# Load data

# Download it from here : Ensure that the categories are #labeled as Iris-setosa, Iris-virginica, Iris-versicolor and their column name as Species.
iris = pd.read_csv("irisdata.csv")

# explore what is loaded

# Convert the data type of columns to float32 type


iris.iloc[:,0:4] = iris.iloc[:,0:4].astype(np.float32)


# encode the classes to numeric values
iris["Species"] = iris["Species"].map({"Iris-setosa":0,"Iris-virginica":1,"Iris…

छान पाऊस यावा

छान पाऊस यावा आणि तू भिजलेल्या केसांनी माझ्या समोर उभी रहाविस तशीच त्या दिवसासारखी.
हिरवी ओली पानं आणि ओघळणारे पाणी. अगदी तशीच सुंदर होतीस तू. तू पुन्हा तसंच समोर यांवस म्हणून पाऊस पडावा लवकर या जून मध्ये.

NLP Summer School at Hyderabad

9th Advanced NLP Summer School 2018
IIIT Hyderabad, India

25th June - 07 July 2018

(Pre-Summer School 22nd-24th June 2018)

The ninth IIIT-H Advanced Summer School on NLP (IASNLP-2018) will be held
at IIIT Hyderabad from 25 June - 07 July 2018. It will be a two-week school
on Natural Language Processing with lectures and project guidance by
internationally renowned researchers in the area. The summer school would
be project oriented, where each of the participants will choose a project
from a list in advance.

During the summer school the participants will work, under the supervision
of experts in the respective area, to come up with substantial advancement
in their chosen project. Participants will get to present their project at
the end of the school.

Interested candidates may apply through ONLINE PORTAL from 27 April 2018 to
30th May 2018.

Confirmation to selected candidates will be sent by 5th June 2018.


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    * Parsing
    * D…