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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They said let's increment your salaries 10 fold

They told us it's gonna change the India. We believed in them. They said let's urbanize everything. We thought they are talking about infrastructure. They said let's increment your salaries 10 fold. We thought it's gonna make us very rich. Later they said you will need to leave your homes and come to cities as we can't urbanize so fast being busy with current cities. We believed them and moved in here. Seeing us move our neighbors moved. Seeing everyone moving, our laborers moved. And a lot of people moved in here to cities. What they found out - heavy-cost-of-living not affordable with the increased 10 fold salaries. Nothing more than tiny little spaces to hide. Overloaded transport systems. Rising costs caused because of our own salaries and the derived reasons. No infrastructure which they promised and were busy with. We found ourselves fighting for daily living and poorer than before. We thought of going back but found we have disturbed the equilibrium. And now we are told to prepare PPTs, audit someone's calculations. Some do better job of automating their process which anyway in turn are consumed by us only and many of which we never needed! We came, believed in them and participated with enthusiasm, but now we are forced to be here, do what they tell. They live lavish life and we serve them pizza wearing a fancy red hat.

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