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Monday, August 8, 2011

Amazon Kindle App on Desktop/Computer (Ubuntu, Windows, Apple)

Update: A good news at the Bottom

There are many free of cost version of  books on Amazon provided as Kindle Edition like this one. But those who don't have Amazon kindle device were not able to read those free books or sample chapters. But now it's possible with  an application called Kindle App that Amazon provides for installation on the personal computers and mobile devices.

But the OS that are supported by this app are not open source. To install it on Ubuntu you need WINE. Steps to install wine and Kindle app on Ubuntu are well described here:

Download Kindle App for your personal computer from here .

Just got to know about this: Kindle Cloudreader with which you can read those books online by using Chrome and Safari browse. So now the OS won't matter any more and you are free to enjoy amazon anywhere you go!

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