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Monday, April 25, 2011

Startup Garage: a startup event in Pune

Got the following email from Lpad. This ( is quite interesting event and please do consider to attend if you are a willing to be entrepreneur or willing to be developer at a startup. Who know what you do there might be a next big thing on web!

What is Startup Garage?

A high-energy weekend program that brings together developers, designers, marketers and startup enthusiasts to start building startups from the ideas they have been sketching.

Who should attend?

1. Someone with an idea they would like to validate and work on Or
2. Someone without an idea, but is curiously passionate to do a startup.

When & Where?

This edition of Startup Garage would be held in Pune over the coming weekend (29th April-1st May)


Click here to read more.


Write to i [at] or Call Mohit @ +91-99233-99213

Last date

The last date for registration is 26th April (Tomorrow)Click here to register.



Mohit Bansal
Founder | L-pad
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Got an Idea? Test your idea and build a Startups in 54 hrs with Startup Garage.

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