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Monday, April 25, 2011

Child Adoption Meet in Mumbai on April 30, 2011

Got the following email. Please attend if you are interested.
Dear All,

We, at PGCAI, are very happy to announce the upcoming Child Adoption Meet in Bombay on April 30, 2011. 

Please find below the details of the Child Adoption Meet on April 30, 2011 in Dadar, Bombay.

Date: April 30, 2011 (Saturday) 4.00-7.00 pm

Location: SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Sion (W), Mumbai

Participants would include adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, volunteers, NGOs, representatives of adoption agencies, children's homes, adoption specialists etc. 
Agenda of the Meet:

·         To kickstart a quarterly forum for interaction between people passionate about the cause of promoting adoption awareness in Bombay.
·         To discuss key hurdles related to beginning the process of adoption and strategies to overcome the same
·         To discuss ways and means to smoothen the institutional and organizational processes at every step – especially for domestic adoptions
·         Discussion on post-adoption issues especially related to parenting issues, govt applications, legal / documentation issues etc.
·         Espousing certain causes within the broader gamut of facilitating adoptions: Examples: Foster Care, Single parent adoption, Turnaround timelines.
·         Key Guest Speakers would include Adoptive Parents, Adoptive children, Prospective adoptive parents (both married couples and singles), Representatives of adoption agencies / facilitators, Adoption specialists, lawyers, doctors.

Key Outcomes expected from the meet:

·         To establish direct contact between different stakeholders related to the process of adoption
·         To initiate and sustain a support group for the cause of adoption in collaboration with other established organizations – both govt and voluntary
·         Furthering the cause of adoption through an organized multi-pronged strategy
·         Escalating key issues for discussion – operational / procedural / foster care promotion, etc. with higher government agencies taking support from other voluntary organizations working in this field as well
·         Make this forum a quarterly meet going forward.

About PGCAI:

We're part of the People's Group for Child Adoption in India (PGCAI)...
more about PGCAI here:

In brief, PGCAI is a voluntary group serving as a platform to bring together parents who have adopted a child, people who want to adopt in future and anyone who wants to spread a word about adoption.

Any other inputs, suggestions from your end are most welcome!  

Kindly send in your confirmations asap!

Contact: 91-9819060661

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