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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Writing in Hindi Made easy!

Now writing in Hindi is more easy, now we don't need to learn that complex Hindi keyboard; just spell the Hindi word in roman script [English; ex. 'bharat']  and there you get the word in Devnagari [Hindi; 'भारत'].
CDAC Mumbai has developed a transliteration tool called Xlit, which transliterates [converts] betwen English and Indian Language[Hindi, marathi, tamil, kanada, etc.].

You can also use the same system for writng in Hindi in OpenOffice  [A free OpenSource office suite:get it here: ], using an extension called XlitHindi. To download this please visit: .

 Some screen shots of the extension:

Notice the 'XliHindi' Tool box, click it to enable the transliteration
Write sentence as "mumbai [HIT SAPCEBAR] bharat [HIT SAPCEBAR] ki [HIT SAPCEBAR] arthik [HIT SAPCEBAR] rajadhani[HIT SAPCEBAR]" and Right click to see better option:
After selecting the correct option in Hindi

click the 'XlitHindi' tool box to Disable the transliteration [You may also ON/OFF it for short periods using 'CTRL+T' key combination while writing].

||Spread the word, help Indianizing the computing and making it Free and OpenSource||


सुखदॆव जाधव said...

तुम्ही मराठीतपण लिहु शकता. मी मागील दोन वर्षापासुन याचा वापर करतोय .

प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे said...
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प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे said...

भारतीय भाषांचा संगणकावर वापर करणाऱ्या सर्वांच अभिनंदन!
अशा प्रकरच्या अधिक साधनांसाठी इथे भेट द्या: