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Thursday, March 27, 2008

comment on why s/w engg can't buy a benz in India..

Nice blog.And good analysis of what does prevent an Indian S/w engg from driving a benz.But I am fully in support of the two comments by devranjan & neo. India really needs inclusive growth. i don't remember the exact figures but the contribution to the GDP from Services sector is 6o%+ and that from the manufacturing & textile which needs the most of the human resource is 20%+ and farming has poor contribution less than 10%. And we all know that 60%+ population is directly agri dependent and other remaining are industry dependent and only 13% human resource is there in services industry which brings this 60%+ of the GDP. Thats dangerous for any economy(this is my personal openion ,I am not any economist).But as I understand if only two ppl in a family of 10 are bread earners and if they unfortunately die the family has no option other than being a begger.So we should try our level best to have every one included in the development. I am aware of the situation that the economical situation is not so worst that we will need to beg. But look ahead of time there are many challenges before us.
Hope we together try this happen.
Jai Maharshtra!

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Bhagwat said...

thanks patil, I do personally agree with your comments, what makes me think is on getting big salary also, why an average engineer is living middle man life? why not think big and dream big? why not give a challenge to thought process to go beyond imagination and lead India to that level.

Bhagwat said...

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