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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Success is simple

It's not just by chance that most of the successful people in this world were successful at nearly everything they did in their life after being successful for first time.
It's because they had adopted the habit of volunteering and making things happen, taking initiative and working on them to meet it's targets. So in future though they failed they got some experience and that helped in being successful in their next missions.
So waiting for success to come and then showing your metal is task of the lazies. It's not many times the domain that matters for success, it's the habit and way of doing things. It's in one way a general architecture which you can apply to any domain and be successful. But the sad news is that the architecture is not known to everybody, it's not written anywhere and people can't express it, they only can show it through their actions and deeds. And also it can't be learned by just watching people do it, it can be learned only by doing it as in learning swimming and bicycle.       
So waiting for some miracle to happen and make you capable enough to impart this skill/habit of becoming successful is easiest stupid thing to do. So better go and do it.

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