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Friday, February 4, 2011

Observing the world patterns

When it comes to making conclusion about something based on the observations from world we must be cautious. Because we may end up doing that in hurry and making it fully dependent on and a function of what 'we- as an individuals and organization' know about the world or that specific world.
So critical thinking plays a very important role here. We should ask ourselves if observations and patterns like 'this' mean X to me, do they mean the same to others or something else? Such a measurement is more accurate and is not biased/restricted to the view. So this is where the 'opinions' and 'fact' differ from each other. The opinions take in account only some people's world knowledge where as fact are supported by many people and represent what is there and what is not and what it should be then.
So being careful on such biases is very important, because decisions with such biased support system are not scalable or are not sustainable. So to exist and grow follow the facts.
Yes there are places where we may contradict but, that depends on the need of that hour. 

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