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Friday, October 22, 2010

Minig Data for Discovery [of course 'of Money'!]

"Take this data, and tell me something 
I don't already know."

Insight to the business trends and business opportunities is core to any business 'wanting' to grow. With changing business processes (from 'idea -execution-data' to 'data-analysis-idea-execution-data-analysis....') data has become THE strength and also a challenge of any industry. The user/customer driven processes have always converged in case of profits and have optimised and saved a lot of costs to many companies.

Business managers used  to rock the meetings with pie charts and colourful graphs with bulleted  conclusions when the data was of the size they were able to analyse manually. But with growing markets and growing customer bases, it has become a non-trivial task to analyse this data (and so by the tradition, they(managers) handed over this task to technologists ;)).

Storing, managing and mining patterns from huge data has become a major process in nearly every industry. And so Data warehousing and Business Intelligence technologies are flourishing with the growing demand for bigger, better and intelligent data analysis by the CIOs.

Processing big data and finding usable patterns from that, is not a task that just-any algorithm can do, because the real life data is many times full of errors, irregular formats  and 'really big' in size. This is where the Data mining techniques come to rescue, they can handle such irregularities and big data size very well. These techniques can basically do prediction, classification and clustering and give us an insight to the discovered patterns in data. Now phrasing the human understandable conclusions out of this is the task of business managers, and as important as the pattern discovery.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Tools and Techniques, workshop is trying to bring all Data Enthusiasts together to discuss the Data. So if you are a professional interested in Data Warehousing and Business intelligence, register yourself here and be there on 1-4 December 2010.

More details about the workshop here:

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