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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Workshop on Rule Based Expert Systems @ CDAC

2 Day Workshop on Rule Based Expert Systems

17–18 October, 2008, CDAC,Navi Mumbai
Expert Systems

Expert systems are computer software that try to emulate human problem solving in highly specialised narrow domains such as financial investment planning, specialised medical diagnosis, equipment trouble shooting, etc. One of the few successful off shoots of Artificial Intelligence, the field received a lot of attention during the 80's. After a relatively dormant phase, expert systems are now attaining popularity as more and more applications are moving on to become intelligent systems, significantly enhancing their potential. The massive growth in hardware performance and capacity and evolution of software paradigms such as software as service is contributing to this revival.

Expert systems have demonstrated their ability to perform at levels comparable to human experts in a wide range of domains. Developing an expert system consist of acquiring the specialised domain knowledge from human experts through a process generally called knowledge acquisition, and structuring and representing them in a form that machines can understand - knowledge engineering. Such domain knowledge is normally represented as if – then rules; case based and network representations are also used.

Software frameworks known as expert system shells are available today to provide the user interface, user interaction management, knowledge base interpretation and reasoning. Developing an effective expert system requires clear understanding of these various processes and familiarity with the shell or software frame work used.

About the Workshop

The workshop is meant to provide a comprehensive introduction to Expert Systems, focusing on the practical application. Apart from covering topics such as representation of domain knowledge, verification and validation of rule bases, and knowledge engineering, participants are expected to build small prototype systems using the expert system shell, Vidwan – a C-DAC Mumbai product.

Workshop Outline

* Introduction to Expert Systems
* Rule Based Expert Systems
* Reasoning with Uncertainty
* Knowledge Engineering
* Creation of Knowledge Bases
* Case Study: Vidwan

Target Audience

The workshop is targeted at academicians, IT managers, consultants, domain experts, professionals working on advisory systems and potentially anyone who feels a need for building systems with human expertise.

Registration Details

Registration Fee: Rs. 1000/- per participant for academicians & non-profit organizations, and Rs. 1500/- per participant for others, payable by a crossed demand draft drawn in favour of 'C-DAC Mumbai' payable at Mumbai. It includes lunch, refreshments, and workshop material. The registration should be sent to the Course Administration section, C-DAC Kharghar, at the below given address.

Limited number of seats, register early

Venue & Contact Us

Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS) Division

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

Raintree Marg, Near Bharti Vidyapeeth
Opp. Kharghar Railway Station
Sector 7, CBD Belapur
Navi Mumbai 400 614
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