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NExt Generation...HEY GOD....!

It was incident before this diwali. I was going to Manvat for Diwali on this 2/11 by Nandigram. I had no confirm ticket but the RAC which I shared with two girls from
"J J college of Architecture Mumbai"(First time lucky in this case). Both were good
or can be given " B+ grade".But story about the next generation is something different which brings referances from these girls.
As it was Diwali vaccations no seats were available. And some 10 to 15 students along with their teacher who used to teach them Chess were going for the State level Chess tournament at Aurangabad. Mostly the students were boys (after some days I heard that daughter of Kumarmangalam Birla won that tournament although the boys were in majority)!
OK.We will proceed with the story. The guys were really intelligent and naughty.They didn't
let any one in that coach sleep. They were making noise. But their teacher came and started scolding guys.Students didn't listen him.And then teacher started the differnet games like tell the words with same pronunciation but different spelling.I along with those girls were also palying with them but couldn't managed much in front of the guys.They all were less than 12 years. But really intelligent. Then the Games turned to mahematics, geography,english language,sometimes even history then science, I was really impressed wit their enthusiasm & knowledge about diverse fields.
And then there I thought India has very bright future, growing with these children who will be the pillars of this "Nation Of A BillionsPlus Human Resource". I will never call this Human Resource as Population(Because I know how to utilise it. Given An opportunity I will show it!).
Okey the real story is here...take it eassy...One girl from the two was really fare and b'ful one.
As she was first year student, I guess she was 17/18 years old. One CHILD may be of 8 years(!)
started communicating with that girl and I was observing what he talks to her.
He said her to say just "ZAD KE PICHE". Then their game started. The child will say (in Hindi) EK
Child:EK KISS(21 in Hindi)
girl:ZAD KE PICHEE............(AWAAAAA...the other girl said...!)
.............................And the girl who was saying "Zad ke piche" was stunned ! For a minut she was completely imbalanced...!


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