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Some basics for Indian companies

It's quite obvious that when you have large customer base, it's difficult to manage it. But the same large customer base is what feeds you and your employees. 'Customer first' shouldn't be just a punchline, cutomers should feel it. When you launch a service or product, the care should be taken to minimise the complaints and at least the commonsense errors from service/product should be removed. "We value our customer and we will look in to matter soon...." is not the proper way. And if you don't care about proper way or the customer satisfaction, at least you must care about your revenues and existence! The recent airtel (many other service providers) document verification might have cost customers at least one corore (approximate) and that too just because of the miscommunication and wrong ways of administering the things. They should improve! 

GIT installation on ubuntu basics

GIT is a free & open source, distributed version control system and it is identified as the most fast version control system in comparison to the other VCS like SVN. Also git is distributed and so you can use it off-line  also. 'Distributed' here turns out to be every development machine being a git repository of it's own. So you have to install git on every development machine. I haven't used SVN or other system before so don't exactly know how they work but for git the basic things you do is: Start a Project initiate the git for it write your code add those files to git Commit  Write comment for 'this' commit and the changes are deposited on local/'your development machine'. Now you have to 'push' those changes  to another repository i.e. another server in case you are doing it on multiple machines Installation of git on Ubuntu (9.04): It can be done through 'apt-get install git-core' but that installs the older ver

Flat-world scenario and it's good!