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 Got an opportunity to be an accidental guest to a conference on libraries. I-KOAL 2023, International Conference on Knowledge Organization in Academic Libraries was jointly organised by CDAC and Library Professionals Association. Being an accidental guest, I had to quickly gather my thoughts on how I relate to libraries and what impact ICT will have and is having on libraries. Here are some wild thoughts of mine which I discussed and I remember now. Obviously, a guest need not talk academic and has freedom to share a commoner's perspective. Here is mine. I relate to libraries through books.  Love for reading is a gift that my father has shared with me. And maybe that's why he got me married to daughter of a librarian! I consider libraries as warehouses of knowledge as in warehouses of e-commerce companies. They are near you, your city, your University or your school or maybe even your home, if you are lucky. They deliver you knowledge thru the books by making them available ne
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Do you want to understand all the new technologies and ideas?

 Do you want to understand all the new technologies and ideas? It can be easier than thought. If we look at the past, everything we, the humans created is inspired from nature. Travel across the space is something different, but most other phenomenon existed in nature. Be it fire 🔥, electricity ⚡, wheels 🛞, even intelligence 🧠 which inspired Artificial Intelligence already existed and exists in nature. What we invented is not fire, but a method to ignite the fire when we need it. The same has happened with most of the things. So your e-commerce, digital experience or any futuristic idea must be a replica of something that already exists in physical-world. E-commerce is nothing but a human-made-fire version of commerce that has been existing in the physical-world since ages. No. I don't want to focus here on e-commerce. Be it Web3, Semantic web, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Currency they are supposed go the way their physical-world phenomenon have gone. This is

मनाच्या तळाची शाळा...

 एका उंच इमारतीत जिथे खिडकीतून समुद्र दिसतो तिथे त्याची मीटिंग चालू असते. जून-जुलै असावा. बाहेरचं त्या काचेच्या बंद इमारतीत काहीच ऐकू येत नाहीये. तो बराच वेळ खूप काही बोलतो. बाकीचे माना हलवत असतात.  काही जण त्याला खोडतात, काही जण 'खरं आहे' असा दुजोरा देतात. आता मीटिंग मधली मुख्य लढाई संपलेली आहे. मग कुणी काय आणि कुणी काय मांडतोय. मिटिंगचे मुद्दे संपल्यावर ही मीटिंग चालू राहतात हा मीटिंग रुमांमधला वास्तुदोष असावा. असो.  त्याचं लक्ष मोबाईल मध्ये शाळेच्या व्हॉट्स ॲप ग्रुपवर जातं. तोवर खिडकी बाहेर पाऊस सुरू झालेला असतो. ऐकू येत नाही, पण दिसतो. समुद्र ही त्याच्या त्याच तालात. ग्रुपवर  कुणीतरी लक्षात न येणाऱ्या मित्राने त्यांच्या दहावीच्या निरोप समारंभाचा फोटो टाकलेला. सगळ्यांचे त्यावर खूप थम्सअप आणि रिप्लाय. हा फोटो अगदी 20 वर्षे आधीचा. फार लोकांकडे हा नव्हता. त्याकाळी प्रिंट घ्यायची असेल तर 20 रुपये लागायचे. अर्थातच अनेकांना ते परवडणारं नव्हतं. याच्याकडे होता. पण हा फक्त कधी कधी घर बदलतांना, किंवा समान नीट लवतांनाच तो बघायचा. अशा वेळी मग दोन तीन दिवस सगळ्या आठवणी उमाळून यायच्या. अग

This is a Jungle

Been thinking about the skills that are needed to survive the world. There are formulas that keep coming from various sources that talk about - 5 skills you need to survive, 10 skills to be successful, etc. To some extent, they are not wrong. But still, nobody can guarantee survival only with those, unless you have this full pack of skills for survival. What's that pack. Obviously, it's not a finite list of skills.  If you observe animals, do you think they suffer life as much as we - the humans - do? I don't think so. Their lives are far more difficult than ours and full of uncertainty. But do they die of heart attacks as much as we do? They do have heart diseases of various types, but mostly biological. Whereas, our diseases mostly link to our thoughts and mind.  Then what is different in our thoughts and their thoughts is what answers the pack of skills for survival. Yes, animals are not as conscious as us. But they do have feelings. The only difference seems that of how

Do you want to be efficient?

If you want to be efficient, there is a system for achieving this efficiency. I am mentioning some parts of that system below. Meetings -  Always listen to what everybody is saying Understand what they mean by what they say Ask questions to better your understanding. This doesn't help just you, but others too. Most people do not understand what is being said and that results in poor productivity meetings.  Make note of everything that everybody says  When you speak, speak very clearly and explain what you want to say in the least words without making it lengthier. Work - Identify the task that are to be done Split every task into implementable subtasks Sequence the tasks based on dependency and priority Just start working on the FIRST or LAST task and keep moving as you complete or as you need. When to start with the last task? That's something needs more detailing. Let's do that some other time!  

When does a restaurant fail?

Imagine a restaurant with many managers to take orders, be at counters, and ensure the right music and entertainment for customers. But let me tell you this same restaurant also has many cooks and they are good. This all seems really good setup bound to succeed. But this restaurant fails. Why? Because this restaurant does not have a single chef! Why is Chef important for a restaurant? Following para from describes it really well. The success of a good restaurant highly depends on the staff, but the staff would not get anywhere without a skillful chef. Chef is the star of the restaurant, so it can attract more customers, but if you are unsuccessful with choosing, your business might be ruined. The chef cook is the person, who organizes all the work in the restaurant kitchen, and he is also the link between the owner of the restaurant and the rest of the employees. A chef cook can be compared to the orchestra conductor, and this means that the success of the resta

The Pull Leadership - Right Way To Do It

You must have heard of this PUSH and PULL way of leading people. It's said that pull way is good way of leadership. But believe me, it turns out to be disastrous when not done the right way. In this post I will discuss what 'I think is the right way'. This may not apply everywhere precisely and is only for your consideration, when you are in dilemma to choose amongst many.  PUSH WAY of getting things done - when you are responsible for getting something done and you have people to actually execute the task, you order them to do this, this and this. And then you are gone. May be you will monitor every now and then and you will push them again and again to complete it. This is push way. PULL WAY of getting things done - when you are responsible for getting something done and you have people to actually execute the task, you sit with them, you plan things out about how we all can do this together and how the tasks can be split assigned, etc. And most importantly you also