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 Got an opportunity to be an accidental guest to a conference on libraries. I-KOAL 2023, International Conference on Knowledge Organization in Academic Libraries was jointly organised by CDAC and Library Professionals Association. Being an accidental guest, I had to quickly gather my thoughts on how I relate to libraries and what impact ICT will have and is having on libraries. Here are some wild thoughts of mine which I discussed and I remember now. Obviously, a guest need not talk academic and has freedom to share a commoner's perspective. Here is mine. I relate to libraries through books.  Love for reading is a gift that my father has shared with me. And maybe that's why he got me married to daughter of a librarian! I consider libraries as warehouses of knowledge as in warehouses of e-commerce companies. They are near you, your city, your University or your school or maybe even your home, if you are lucky. They deliver you knowledge thru the books by making them available ne