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Disclaimer: I am not an expert who can give an expert advice. But I am the one who suffers when these terror attacks happen! All that happened in Mumbai was not an accident. It was well planed and managed attack. I pay homage to all the brave policemen, police officers and fighters who confronted the terrorists by risking their lives in the mission. No doubt Mumbai will stand up again within few days. But this time it will not only stand up the way it used to after every terror attack. This time it’s different, its attack from front directly on face. The first thing astonishes me is that how did they dare to do it? (the most useless question!) Man they have XXXX our YYYY and we are asking how? No doubt we don't have good Intelligence agency (Concluded from this incident, don’t tell what they did before), weapons, strategies to fight such attacks and many more things which common man like me don’t know. (This is nothing but crying on the situation, blaming each other!)This need to b

Two day Workshop on Machine Learning (19-20 Dce. 2008, Mumbai)

Machine Learning Machine Learning (ML) is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that is concerned with the design and development of algorithms and techniques that allow computers to "learn". ML is one of the active areas of research in computer science and currently has a large repository of practically useable techniques and algorithms for a wide range of tasks. Typical ML problems include automatic clustering of a set of items, automatic classification (spam mail, documents, etc.), automatic learning/refinement of rules for a diagnostic system, predictive modelling, etc. ML methods have evolved from various domains such as Statistics, Information theory, Biology and Control theory. ML has a wide spectrum of applications including natural language processing (NLP), pattern recognition, search engines, medical diagnosis, bioinformatics and chemical informatics, fraud detection, stock market analysis, speech and handwriting recognition, robotics, intelligent computer gam

Weka -A machine learning "Aladdin ka Chirag"

If you are interested in developing applications using machine learning algorithms but you are tired of coding the Learning algorithms then here is All-in-one formula for you -WEKA.Weka is collection of machine learning algorithms. It does everything for you, you are responsible for the just data and feature extraction, keep everything else for the Weka. It really simplifies your work and saves time.It also does evaluation of the built model on the same or provided data as per your settings. You can download it form here . Here you will get documentation and all the needed information regarding using the weka. Weka provides number of ML algorithms like ANN, SMO, Decision Trees etc. So experience the Difference!