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His Is The Team India Needs!

His Is The Team India Needs!

These are the days of election fever and every politician is suffering from it. Many have started showing the symptoms of the high fever, you might have observed some ads flooding the web saying “XYZ for PM”. And I feel sad for it, because this thing once again proves that we Indians always try to blindly copy things from west or make something which is somehow an Indian version of an American thing.

I strongly think that Indian people feel proud in “Importing Ideals”! Same disease has attacked our leader who is just dying to be PM [sorry to say this but it’s what seems!].

Many politicians in India got impressed with campaign of the Obama for the presidential elections in America. I don’t know are these some politicians are impressed with what he does and what he speaks. I think this leader of ours don’t know India is not a presidential democracy and India doesn’t need only a good PM but a complete perfect team of visionary leaders under a visionary-strong PM. He thought its really simple to replace some words from “OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT” and put it as “XYZ FOR PRIME MINISTER”! I think this copying business must stop and this thing has to be initiated by the Leader. This statement itself denies capability of the XYZ as PM (as leader)! And say him don’t project yourself, project the team you have! Hope he gets it.

In situation like this India needs a visionary who can take nation to another level in such economic scenario, India needs team of the leaders who can dream big for nation and make it true through their efforts. It needs a leader who knows who can fit where, India needs a leader who can take the strong decisions on security front, who can keep the head high while talking to the president of America. India needs a leader who can warn neighbors and if required show them the army forces.

Let’s start analyzing the people we have, with such capabilities and with a great team of possible ministers to do that perfectly. We have in the line self claimed would be PM Mayawati Ji, aggressively approaching Advani Ji and Narendra Modi, willing/unwilling [I don’t know exactly, I think even he don’t know it exactly] to be PM Dr. Manmohan Ji, LaLu Ji and Sharadchandra Pawar.

You believe or not, but this is the set from which you are to get the solution for the PM.

Let’s see who has what.

Maywati Ji: I appeal citizen of India please don’t select such leader, otherwise our coming generations will curse us every day. Do you think such leader can think of the economical growth? What India needs is to come out from this recession, bring more job opportunities to nation, have the sustained and inclusive growth of nation. She is not the person who can do that.[How can she do that if she does spend all her time in spending money (which is public property) on mounting her statues ] She claims the votes in the name of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, has she ever followed this leader. The greatest defeat of the Ambedkar’s thinking is done by people like her who still claim to be leaders of “Dalit Movement”. I don’t think it’s a movement that Ambedkar wanted for the Dalits to follow. She must have sanyas from politics and think over it is she doing what Ambedkar wanted!

Advani Ji and Narendra Modi Ji: NO FUNDAMENTALIST SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO RULE THIS SECULAR NATION. [Though they show that they are not fundamentalist, THEY ARE!] I will not waste my time in describing them how they can’t do what nation needs now. India knows it very well. We have seen the Naked and Hungry children when these people were shouting “Shining India-Shining India” and Later on we saw burning India! So we are wise to decide on it!

Manmohan Singh Ji: He is great as Finance Minister and as an Administrator. But he is soft, sufficiently kind and insufficiently strong for the post of PM [I am not pointing his incapability, he can give best of him at the Finance Minister post] He is best as the FM, he can be part of next team!

LaLu Ji: I know some will point out what he did for railways, for them I will like to force you remember what he did with Bihar and abChara.

Sharad Pawar: At this point you might have got an idea of Whose team [not whom] India needs. This is the leader who can manage all those best people in whom India needs as Leaders. I see he is the visionary for the Prime Minister of India post!

[He don’t know me, I am not a member of any political party! I am just a common man who is searching for a person whom I can recruit as leader of my nation!]

He is good at interpersonal relations which you might have guessed from the role he played in the Confidence motion happened because of the nuclear deal last time. He has friends in every field like business, literature, academia and sports (J). He is strong enough, he is kind enough, he is perfect for the post! His experience from the Agricultural ministry and his knowledge about the rural India (Which I think none of the above put contestants have as much as him) will definitely help in strengthening our domestic market concern, inclusive growth. His international identity [Refer cricket, Bill Gates visit to the Baramati (his constituency) and many other examples of his international identity (pohach)] will definitely take us a step higher in the international scenario as a nation and a culture. He is an entrepreneur too [You want a leader as an entrepreneur like Obama, see we have it! (For those who still demand chocolate like America (J!)] He is passionate about work; he works for 15 plus hours a day [for the people of nation]. He is one of the very few leaders who knows more than their secretaries (IAS officers) for their department. He is the one who has seen Indian politics from the grass root level. I remember of a story I read about him in which he used to visit the government offices daily on bicycle for sanctioning scholarships of the students whom he personally didn’t know, can any one do this without any passion in belly for the social cause? He is the one who brought people from every strata of society to the parliament, to the state assembly. I remember he was one who supported naming of the “Marathwada University” as the “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University”.

He is true visionary leader with innovation in brain, compassion in heart and passion in belly! No doubt he can take India to a next step on Social and Economic front!

With this I appeal all you reading this blog post [random(less) thoughts] to think seriously about the future of nation, for that think of the right candidate to do that well. I specially request Sonia Gandhi to think beyond politics and parties to put him forward as Leader of Nation. [Or I request you people to create a situation where she has to do this] Now you know what you have to do!


1. I am not a member of NCP or any political party

2. I am not paid by any one to write this [I care and love my nation and I think it’s my responsibility to be active in giving it in the best hands]

3. This post is outcome of my observations and the post is completely my personal opinion and has nothing to do with my friends family and organization.

4. The purpose of post is not at all to force people to vote for NCP [It’s you who is going to make the final decision]

And Important Thing-Remember to Vote!

Copyright: Any one can copy it and post it just mention credits to this blog!


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