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Thursday, July 22, 2010

free medicine

Free medicine for the Blood Cancer available at Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennail.

-It's from an email, please verify.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free heart surgery for children


Any kind of the heart surgery for children that too free of cost. Please, do spread the message.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things that people are changing in digital world

The web 2.0 is not a different web, but the way things go here are totally different. It's driven bye the people, it's more inclusive and so more people coming in and asking for something new every day.
This people-driven-web - web 2.0 is surely going to revise itself and we will see a newer, revised, different web 2.0 in coming some years. One change I can predict is Change is the way Articles, Blogposts are displayed. Today they show articles and then the comments exactly below it. Study today says, people read comments to the news, article first and then decide on should I read the original article or not. But the newer version will have Comments first and then the original article. In other sense, it means the initial readers of the content will decide or derive the future hits/success of your content.

The another interesting thing we should focus on is kind-of content being created by the microblogging sites like Twitter. They generate on an average 32400000 sentences (tweets are considered as a sentence) in a day (12 hours), and not to surprise 80% of them are non grammatical wrt today's grammar. We surely need another grammar which isn't fully based on 'syntax' but on the 'information' the content carries. I write 'not on any syntax', because no one follows any kind of standard in doing intentional mistakes (to fit it in 140 chars) while writing :) .
Statistics might give us our new grammar, but I don't think it can full-fill the all the needs. Statistic is going to play a major role in analysing and deciding a loose structure of this new language or form of language; apart from that the traditional grammar is going to co-exist for literary work (not sure after reading some new authors :) ).
So let's be prepared for the change!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

For all Java and Opensource and Freedom lovers

Really great video on Java vs. .not. If you are a java / opensource lover, you will love it!

Sahi na!