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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Writing in Hindi Made easy!

Now writing in Hindi is more easy, now we don't need to learn that complex Hindi keyboard; just spell the Hindi word in roman script [English; ex. 'bharat']  and there you get the word in Devnagari [Hindi; 'भारत'].
CDAC Mumbai has developed a transliteration tool called Xlit, which transliterates [converts] betwen English and Indian Language[Hindi, marathi, tamil, kanada, etc.].

You can also use the same system for writng in Hindi in OpenOffice  [A free OpenSource office suite:get it here: ], using an extension called XlitHindi. To download this please visit: .

 Some screen shots of the extension:

Notice the 'XliHindi' Tool box, click it to enable the transliteration
Write sentence as "mumbai [HIT SAPCEBAR] bharat [HIT SAPCEBAR] ki [HIT SAPCEBAR] arthik [HIT SAPCEBAR] rajadhani[HIT SAPCEBAR]" and Right click to see better option:
After selecting the correct option in Hindi

click the 'XlitHindi' tool box to Disable the transliteration [You may also ON/OFF it for short periods using 'CTRL+T' key combination while writing].

||Spread the word, help Indianizing the computing and making it Free and OpenSource||

Sunday, September 13, 2009

one-day workshop on Texture Analysis and Applications @SGGS Nanded

Dear Sir/Madam,

It gives me a great pleasure in announcing a one-day workshop on
"Texture Analysis and Applications" to be held on November 10, 2009 at
SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded (Maharashtra).
This workshop is organized by Department of Electronics and
Telecommunication Engineering of the Institute.

The aim of this workshop is to understand the advancements in texture
analysis in Image Processing. Some of the main Image Processing
Research Achievements around texture can be put in a homogeneous
material. We are attempting in this workshop to cover some of the
major achievements in the last 4 decades.  In addition to this, some
applications of texture analysis such as Content Based Image Retrieval
(CBIR), characterization of normal organ in CT images, etc. will be
dealt with.

Details about the workshop can be found on SGGS website where link to the webpage is given.

You can also go to the URL for direct
link to the workshop webpage.

Workshop brochure is attached (which also has a format of registration
form) with this mail for those who are eager to through the contents.

Please forward this mail to all those who you think might be
interested in this workshop.

Looking forward to meet you soon :)

Yours sincerely,

- Dr. Suhas S. Gajre
 Assistant Professor
 Coordinator for the Workshop on "Texture Analysis and Applications"
 Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
 Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded

P.S. for those who are unaware of SGGS Nanded: Shri Guru Gobind
Singhji (SGGS) Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded was
established on 17th December 1981. The institute is now enjoying
autonomous status and is cent percent aided by Government of
Maharashtra. Hon. B.N. Kalyani, an eminent industrialist, heading the
Kalyani Group of Companies, is working as Chairman of the Governing
Board. The Government has also appointed renowned personalities from
the business, industry, academics and its senior administrative cadre
on the Governing Board. This institute offers eight undergraduate and
five post graduation courses in the various streams of engineering and
technology. It is also university recognized research center. Visit for more info.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

या देशावर भांडवलदारांपेक्षा शेतकरी आणि कष्ट करी यांचा जास्त हक्क आहे !

एक बर्याच गोष्टींचा सारांश सांगणारी ओळ डोक्यात आली:
This country owes more to the farmers and workers than to the capitalist!

या देशावर भांडवलदारांपेक्षा शेतकरी आणि कष्ट करी यांचा जास्त हक्क आहे !
----प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे
[google वर कुणाच्याही नावाने सापडली नाही!]